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YEK Glass offers a large range of glass frit products.

We specialize in ultra low-temperature, Pb-free glass frits that are RoHS and REACH compliant and designed to achieve maximum hermeticity.

Our ultra low temperature glass frit powders and pastes are used as an inorganic sealant and bonding material for AMOLED and OLED panels, and more. A glass-based seal will reliably protect from moisture and air, creating a hermetic seal.

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Our products can be customized for superior laser absorption, high sealing strength and printability, which is ideal for low temperature and/or local heat sealing applications.

Glass Frit Data

Application AMOLED, OLED, etc.
Specifications Powder, Paste, Preform
Printing Method Screen printing
Sealing Method Localized Laser Sealing
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Organic Sealant vs Ultra Low Temperature Glass Frit

  Organic Sealant Low Temperature Glass Frit
Hermeticity Low High
Working Temp. <300℃ >300℃
Heat Resistance <400℃ >400℃
Reactivity High Low
Curing Method UV Curing, Heat Curing, Etc Heat Curing, Laser Sealing
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