ⒶInlets ⒷMixing Channel ⒸIncubation Channel  Ⓓ1st reaction sensing well Ⓔ2nd reaction sensing well Ⓕoutlets

ⒶInlets ⒷMixing Channel ⒸIncubation Channel
Ⓓ1st reaction sensing well Ⓔ2nd reaction sensing well Ⓕoutlets

Our unique methods allows for the creation of structures that are not feasible with traditional process.

YEK Glass’ unique glass structuring method allows for microfluidic structures with previously impossible structures on a wide range of glass substrates, including channels, pillars, holes, stepped sidewalls or a combination. Using a proprietary molding method, YEK Glass is able to scale easily with your needs.

Glass Microfluidic Channel Zoomed In.jpg
Glass Microfluidic Pillar Channel Zoomed In.jpg

We are also able to create glass flowcells, microreactors, droplet generators, pillar chips and more.

Microfluidic Render 1_Medium_Square.jpg

Customizable Glass Microfluidic, Microwell and Nanowell Solutions.

Glass Microwelll Zoomed In.JPG

Our unique process is capable of creating scalable solutions for difficult projects. We are able to create microwells and nanowells with a range of cavity and sidewall shapes.

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