Structured Glass Wafers

Complex glass wafer microstructures with infinite control through precision molding.

3D Glass/Metal Insert Forming

Precise control to bend glass and insert metals, without extra processing steps.


A simple solution to long-lasting, high-powered LED encapsulation through glass.

Glass Filter Processing

A wide range of coatings, cut custom to fit your exacting specifications.

Technical Glass Frit Powder & Paste

Hermetically sealed under low-temperature conditions with Pb-free glass frit.

Microfluidic Glass

Difficult structures made scalable through with our innovative glass molding process.


We are proud members of leading industry groups.


We hope to be strict in quality and always provide our customers with trust and assurance.

We strive to:

  • Improve on our techniques and quality—continuously without compromise.

  • Build systems that calculate and prevent possible issues in advance.

  • Solve problems and achieve goals by actively communicating with our partners.

  • Identify our roles, act responsibly and with diligence and respect.

For over 40 years, our team has risen to the challenge of going beyond the limits of glass.

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