Phospher in glass white LED PIG White Light Drawing.JPG

YEK Glass’ phosphor in glass (PiG) combines high thermal resistance with superior color conversion enabling long-lasting, high-powered LEDs.

Colored LEDs are typically created by encapsulating blue LEDs with silicone resins that are mixed with phosphors. The problem is that such compositions will inevitably harden and discolor over time. What’s more, these components are sensitive to heat and water, shortening a devices lifespan and making them unsuitable for more difficult applications.

PIG Process Image.JPG

At YEK Glass, we’ve married our durable low-temperature glass frit with industry-standard phosphors to create an ideal phosphor-converted encapsulant. It is resistant to heat, discoloration and features high hermeticity,

Our phosphor-in-glass technology takes advantage of YEK Glass’ wide portfolio of glass frit powders and decades of expertise in glass materials, resulting in a product that minimizes phosphor’s temperature-sensitive degradation both during and after production.

Our phosphor-in-glass is perfect for automotive and industrial lighting applications, and is flexible enough for other, non-lighting applications that require phosphor-based imaging or color conversion.

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