Microstructured glass wafers, crafted to your exacting dimensions.

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Our proprietary glass molding and processing technology offers unique glass wafer micro-structuring solutions for the semiconductor, MEMS, and biotech industries. YEK Glass is known globally for focusing on our customers and creating partnerships by delivering cutting edge products.

YEK Glass’ unique process can produce vias, cavities and structures in a wide range of wafer shapes and sizes, such as circles, rectangles, and triangles.

YEK Glass’ molding technology also allows for precise control of through glass vias and glass wafer cavity side wall angles, allowing your products to go beyond the limits that traditional glass wafer processing techniques (such as laser drilling, ultrasonic drilling, or chemical etching).

Furthermore, our unique glass molding process increases yield rates and maximizes efficiency by structuring glass wafers without chipping at structure edges, heat affected zones, or residual stress.

Glass Wafer Substrate Shapes

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Glass Wafer Feature shapes

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Precision Controlled Glass Wafer Sidewall Angles

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Glass Microstructure Cross-sections

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Unlimited Possibilities

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Specifications for Molded Glass Wafers

External dimensions ≥ 9 inches
Size of Via
(Feature Size)
Round Ø ≥ 0.3mm
Square ≥ 0.7mm
Depth of via ≤ 1.2mm
Pitch of via ≥ 2x Feature Size
Taper top to bottom via ≥ 2˚
Glass material [Borosilicate Glass]
Schott BorofloatⓇ
CorningⓇ Pyrex™
[Aluminosilicate Glass]
Corning Gorilla Series
Schott Sensation Series
Asahi Dragon Trails
[Sodalime Glass]
NSG Glanova
*Special solutions for structured glass wafers, such as difficult shapes, tighter tolerances or smaller feature sizes, are possible upon request.
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