Optical Coatings, Filters and more.

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YEK Glass carries a wide range of optical filter glasses.

We specialize in processing high-end glass substrate into a variety of filter types, including band pass filters, ir cut filters and day/night filters, which can be customized to match any range of specifications.

• Optical Filter Glass Specifications

Band Pass Filter Specs 3.jpg
Band Pass Filter Specs 2.jpg

• IR Cut Filter

Application: Infared Ray Cut-off Filter

IR Cut Filter.JPG

• Day/Night Filter

Application: Low Light Level Filter

Day Night Filter.JPG

• Band Pass Filter

Application: Infared Camera

BIF1 400 nm 50 nm 
BIF2 450 nm  80 nm 
BIF3 500 nm  80 nm 
BIF4 550 nm  80 nm 
BIF5 600 nm  80 nm 
BIF6  650 nm  80 nm 
BIF7  700 nm  80 nm 
BIF8  880 nm  50 nm 
BIF9  950 nm  50 nm 
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